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Next meeting in Hamilton

The Krishnamurti self enquiry group in Hamilton continues on the 15th  April, and  will consider the question: “What is a religious life?”, or religious mind. We will start with a half hour video on the issue; various extracts from the talks and dialogues of Krishnamurti over the years. There will be periods of silence, and the space to dialogue together.

Religion means gathering your whole energy to enquire into what is truth and what is reality”

The religious impulse appears to be as old as mankind itself. But we see throughout our history how that impulse has degenerated into vicious conflict between various ideologies, cruelty, torture. Krishnamurti’s perception of the religious life was radically different from the conventional, from all of the world’s practiced religious beliefs, In fact belief and practice played no part in it whatsoever. Is the mind that is bound to the past truly religious?”, he asked.

Krishnamurti also asks: Does the religious mind imitate? Does it accept authority? Can tradition co-exist with a religious mind?

A short extract:

K: Traditions - nationality, your beliefs, your rituals, going to the temples, all that - have you thrown it away?

Q: No, sir.

K: No? No. Then how can you find out what a religious life is when you are blind? So you want to find out what a religious life is and yet won't leave your little enclosure. Right? See your own tragedy, sirs. You are slaves to certain things, and you say, 'I must find freedom' – but you won't let that go to find it.