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Next meeting in Hamilton

A dialogue group in Hamilton

A small group of friends meets regularly in Hamilton, in order to inquire into the issues of life that affect us all. We see there are tremendous crises going on in the world, or perhaps it is just one basic crisis. We see the problems of the world are not separate from us, and we cannot sit back and expect others to solve these problems for us. We see that the fundamental issue lies in human consciousness.

One of the things that defines us as a group is the perception that belief, conclusions, ideologies and the like do not offer solutions to our many problems. On the contrary, it is easily seen that belief has always divided mankind, has brought about great conflicts, ultimately war. And the acceptance of so-called spiritual authority is just an escape from meeting the challenges of our life ourselves. Belief, acceptance, ideals, are great handicaps to free inquiry into our human problems, and this inquiry is the essence of our meetings; through dialogue, and not argument.

Thought, fear, suffering, confusion, desire, the pursuit of pleasure, ambition, the occasional joys and love, these things are common to all of us, they are actually what is, and it is these things that need our attention. Is it possible to transcend our conditioning? Can thinking ever solve our problems? Can suffering, conflict, actually end? Can we be aware of ourselves, understand ourselves, as we actually are, without pretence, illusion? What is the true religious mind? These are some of the questions the group is concerned with.

If any of this resonates with you, and you are interested in participating in the group, you may contact me by email or phone. We have seen that advertising the group as open to all does not work, and in order to inquire deeply, we have decided that in the future participation will be by invitation only.

Clive Elwell

022 085 7184

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society "

              -  J Krishnamurti

Please note

The previous arrangement, at the Theosophy Lodge, has been cancelled.