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Krishnamurti and the Rajgopals

A Review
“Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals” by Mary Lutyens                                           book #9.11
“Statement by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America about
the Radha Sloss book ‘Lives in the Shadow with J Krishnamurti’ “              booklet #9.12
In 1991 a book was published entitled “Lives in the Shadow with J Krishnamurti".  It was written by Radha Sloss, daughter to Rosalind Rajagopal. She and her husband had been almost life long associates of Krishnamurti, and K had had a physical relationship with Rosalind. Rajagopal was head of KWINC, an organisation which published K’s writings in America and held various copyrights. The Krishnamurti Foundation of America brought lengthy lawsuits against Rajagopal to recover these copyrights and titles to certain properties.
The book made many accusations against Krishnamurti, and was critical of him in various areas.
These two books are a refutation of many of Sloss’s claims. Mary Lutyens (a biographer of K and a long term friend) writes in her book:
“It contains many misstatements of fact, false inferences and snide innuendoes, and it is heavily biased to justify the author’s parents at  Krishnamurti’s expense."