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The Last Talks

A Review
The Last Talks                                                       book  #1.15
At the age of Ninety One Krishnamurti returned to India in the words of friends to 'say goodbye'. Despite his terminal illness, he visited many places and gave public talks and participated in the discussions with all vigour and passionate concern of the previous sixty years of his working.

This book comprises three discussions with Buddhists at Varanasi, talks with teachers at Rishi Valley, and finally two talks at Vasanta Vihar in Madras (4th January 1986). There is an introduction by Radhika Herzberger which describes Krishnamurti's last weeks in India. He was to die in the USA on 17th February.

Being aware that these talks were going to be the last talks Krishnamurti tried to summarize what he had been saying for the previous fifty years. He touched all the important issues like meditation, love and intelligence. In his last talk, at Vasanta Vihar, he enquired into the origin of life and said:
"Creation is something that is most holy, that's the most sacred thing in life, and if you have made a mess of your life, change it. Change it today, not tomorrow".