"The Problem of Thought"

- The most fundamental problem of our life

A weekend retreat

Coromondel Peninsula
27 th /29 th September

Through self-inquiry, through
silence, through dialogue,
through observation, aided by
the words of J Krishnamurti
and Prof David Bohm, we will
inquire into the most
fundamental problem of our
lives, thought and the self.
The event is not based on
any belief system, and no
authority figure is involved.

"The real crisis is not in those events
that are confronting us, like wars,
crime, drugs, economic chaos, pollution
and all that, but it's really thought itself
that is creating the crisis, all the time.
Now you see, each person can do
something about thought, because he's
in it ”.
Professor David Bohm


The venue is Koru Dojo, set
in beautiful native bush on
Mill Creek Road, near
Whitianga. Maximum number
14 people. Day visits
possible. Total residential cost
(from Friday dinner to
Sunday lunch) from$182 to
$202, depending on the type
of accommodation.

Enquiries to Clive Elwell,
022 085 7184

For more information see the
Facebook event: