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The Awakening of Intelligence

A Review


When thought sees that it is incapable of discovering something new, that very perception is the seed of intelligence, isn't it? That is intelligence: “I cannot do”. I thought I could do a lot of things, and I can in a certain direction, but in a totally new direction I cannot do anything. The discovery of that is intelligence”

The Awakening of Intelligence is a very substantial book, over 500 pages, with talks and dialogues in US, India, Europe.

Part 1:

Two dialogues with Professor Jacob Needleman, who was professor of philosophy at San Francisco State College, and editor of the “Penguin Metaphysical Library”.

1. The Role of the Teacher

2. On Inner Space; on Tradition and Dependence

Part 2:

Three talks in New York City, in 1971.

Part 3:

Two conversations with Alain Naudé, a musician who was closely associated with Krishnamurti for 6 years as secretary and assistant.

1.The Circus of Man's Struggle

2. On Good and Evil

Part 4:

Two conversations with Swami Venkatesananda, a Hindu scholar and teacher.

1. The Guru and the Search. Four schools of Yoga scrutinised (Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Gnana Yoga)

2.Four “Mahawakyas” from the Upanishads discussed. Communication and the Bodhisattva idea, Vedanta and the Ending of Knowledge.

Following these discussions, the book contains talks and dialogues given in Madras (1968), Saanen (1971), Brockwood Park (1970 &1971).

Intelligence” (not the intelligence of IQ tests) was always a major theme of Krishnamurti's, and the book concludes with a dialogue on this issue between him and Professor David Bohm. Bohm was professor of theoretical Physics at Birkbeck College, London University. The co-exploration of consciousness by these two took place in a series of more than 30 investigative dialogues, over 25 years.

Is there the awakening of that intelligence? If there is ... then it will operate, then you don't have to say, “What am I to do?

Perhaps there have been a thousand persons here during these three weeks who have listened. If they really live that, do you know what's going to happen? We should change the world ”

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