The Krishnamurti-nz free postal lending library
The sub-pages below offer a lending library within New Zealand, of Krishnamurti     


There is also a site for new and used

TO BORROW material from the library:
Please send your request to:

There is no charge, but any donations will go towards expanding the library.
A maximum of 3 items can be borrowed at any time. 
Please include the number and the title when ordering. 
Material should normally be returned within a month. If you need to extend this period, please contact us.
Address for return is:
Krishnamurti-nz library, C/O Clive Elwell, 9/16 Crosher Place, Hamilton, 3216

Book donations for the library

Our apreciation for the donations which have made this library possible . . . read more

"For those who wish to listen this book will have a value beyond words"
- The UK Observer on Krishnamurti's "Freedom From the Known"

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