More Quotes on Meditation
Meditation is the action of silence

Meditation is not a separate thing from life; it is the very essence of life; the very essence of daily living

This meditative mind is the religious mind - the religion that is not touched by the church, the temples or by chants. 

Meditation is the freeing of the mind from all symbols, images and remembrances

In meditation the dividing line between you and me disappears; in it the light of silence destroys the knowledge of the me

To meditate is to transcend time. Time is the distance that thought travels in its achievements. The travelling is always along the old path covered over with a new coating, new sights, but always the same road, leading nowhere except to pain and sorrow

Meditation demands a mind that is not caught in any system, however romantic, however pleasing, however desirable. Because who are you to choose among so many systems? You will choose one that is most pleasant, naturally, that is most convenient, that is most comforting, that promises you something in return for your work. So your choice is based among all these systems, whether the Zen, or the Hindu, or the Buddhist, or the Muslim, or your own form of meditation, the Christian meditation, you will choose amongst all those. And that choice is based upon your own confusion, upon your own desire for further experience of delight and pleasure. So while the mind is choosing a system, such a mind is a confused mind. And systems do not clear the confusion, but rather strengthen, narrow down that confusion. 

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