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During his life, Krishnamurti spoke and dialogued widely on the issue of meditation. To him, it was life itself, not something separate from life, so all of his books and talks go into the issue. Here is a selection of material from the Krishnamurti-nz  free postal lending library from the books, DVDs, CDs, etc, sections. The list is not exclusive.

#4.05  “The Only Revolution” is perhaps the most wide ranging exploration of meditation.

#9.10  “Mind in Meditation” is a small booklet based on a talk given in 1971

#8.06  “Meditations 1969” is another booklet with 11 extracts. 

#7.11  “This Light in Oneself” is subtitled “True Meditation

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One of the first video recordings ever made of Krishnamurti is on meditation , the second part of “The Real  Revoltion” part 2

The third volume of the VCD series “Beyond Myth and Tradition” is entitled “Meditation”, and “The Sacred” (30 minutes each of excerpts)
"What is Meditation" is a dialogue between Krishnamurti and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Master. It is part of a series of six discussions with Buddhist scholars (1972)

There are two separate one hour discussion on Meditation with Professor Allan W Anderson of San Diego University in the series "A wholly different way of living" 

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What kind of brain is needed for meditation?  BP83T4 The "World of Peace" series 1983 Brockwood Park School

Meditation and the sacred – BR81T4 a talk in 1981 at Brockwood Park School

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