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donations to the library

Our appreciation for the donations which have made this library possible.

Although it does function as a postal lending library, with a base of most of the Krishnamurti books ever published, the library has another function. It tries to put duplicate books ‘into circulation’, into the community. It can be regarded as a hub, a distribution centre. Books come in and go out, although the library nucleus is maintained.

When there are surplus books, they can be offered to second hand bookshops. Some people are keen to pass them on to friends and acquaintances. They can go into public libraries (although they have to be in mint condition for this to happen). They are made available at Krishnamurti-based gatherings. And there are other possibilities not yet explored.

For this to happen, we rely on donations of Krishnamurti books. So if you have books that are gathering dust, stored away indefinitely in cupboards/on shelves, you might consider putting them into circulation through us. Books can be regarded as seeds, let us give them a chance to germinate.

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