"Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, 

by any religion, by any sect" - J Krishnamurti

This website is principally concerned with activities and networks in New Zealand which have their inspiration in the work of J. Krishnamurti.


On-line Zoom dialogue meetings
Fridays 7.30

"Problem of Thought" Retreat
April 2020 25th-27th

Problem of Thought Retreat"
- A weekend retreat in the Coromandel
see here

Exhibition in Auckland
J Krishnamurti and a Different Approach
to a World in Crisis
see here

Free Books Available
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Presentations by Bill Taylor of the Krishnamurti Foundation, UK
15th Feb - 1st March
In Auckland, Hamilton, Palmeston North, Nelson, Christchurch, perhaps Kaitaia.
For details see:

Krishnamurti Retreat in West Auckland
22-24th February 2019

Regular Meetings
details here


 KANZ, The Krishnaurti Association in NZ, now has a facebook page:

New page created 
"regular meetings"

 A new web page covering all the known regular meetings in NZ around Krishnamurti's teachings. Click here

Meetings in Christchurch

The venue is the Sydenham Room, Christchurch South Library, 66 Colombo Street.   Date 21 May.

For more information on the next meeting click here:

Meetings in Christchurch 2015/16

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Gathering in Australia
late April

Meetings in Auckland
The monthly Auckland meetings have attracted considerable attention of late, and have taken a new form. See ...

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J. Krishnamurti - His Life and Legacy

A presentation by Bill Taylor of Brockwood Park 

In Christchurch and Auckland in August

email kanzadmin@gmail.com  for details

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Following the exhibition held at Hamilton Gardens, a group of people decided to hold regular meeting, to discuss/dialogue on the issues raised by the exhibition, and to inquire into the human situation, and ourselves, generally ... more details

Exhibition in Hamilton
A different approach to A World In Crisis
Photo-Journalistic material juxtaposed with comment by Krishnamurti
21 - 23 November

Regular Meetings in Auckland

Changes to website
New section on Meditation
with video and mp3 downloads

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What does Krishnamurti say about MEDITATION?

KANZ, The Krishnamurti Association in New Zealand


"Surely, freedom from the self  . . .  is the true function of man?"

"The mind is imprisoned by its own projections"