Major International Links on J Krishnamurti
International Foundation site with audio/video features

 The Krishnamurti Foundation England

The Krishnamurti Information network The Krishnamurti Foundation of America
The Krishnamurti Foundation of India

  Complete texts of all Krishnamurti's talks and books
These are some of the excellent starting points to explore internationally. Features include:
  • ~ up to the minute information on gatherings, job opportunities, etc.
  • ~ a complete list of Krishnamurti schools, study centers, retreats and Krishnamurti organisations
  • ~ discussion forums
  • ~ archived Krishnamurti material
  • ~ on line bookshops

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"In this chaotic and disintegrating world what is of the greatest importance is how each person lives these teachings in his daily life" 


"There is no such thing as psychological evolution"  


"When one loses the deep intimate relationship with nature, then temples, mosques and churches become important"


"The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed"